Ai Lao Hong Cha

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Ai Lao Hong Cha / / 2018

Red/Black Tea


From Ailao Mountain Range, Yunnan Province, China.

This tea is organically grown!

This tea has large twisted and curled leaves with a good amount of golden tips and leaves of a bold greyish tone. In the teapot the tea soup brews a rich red with a shiny thick quality. The wet leaves giving a rich aroma of malt and wood. The tea soup served, is a clear warm gold in colour, good and thick in quality.

Being lightly oxidised, the taste is bright, crisp yet satisfyingly rounded and mellow a flavour, giving touches of rose and a sweetness thats unique to Yunnan red teas.

Harvested in Spring '18 from uncultivated old trees. Excellent processing. Grown at around 2200m altitude, benefitting from moisture in cloud and mist and enriching high sunrays. These trees growing as part of the natural mountain forest.

The Ailao mountain range is a meeting of five counties in Yunnan and a designated national nature reserve, protecting the primitive forest, a subtropical broadleaf, evergreen forest that spans 75% of the mountain range, together with its unique wildlife species.

Brew Guide Per Cup:

Tea 1 teaspoon (3g)

Water 85-90*c // 300ml

Time 2 - 3 minutes

Reinfuse leaves x 2-3 to personal taste