Ceylon ~ Lovers Leap Estate

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Ceylon Lovers Leap / / Pekoe

Black tea

From Lovers Leap Estate ~ Pedro Estate, Nuwara Eliya District, Sri Lanka.

50g Packet or 100g Tea Caddy

Available in either our classic foil lined resealable 100g Packet keeping the lovely leaves super fresh!

Or held within a simplistic Tea Caddy, ideal for longer storage of your leaves and great for refills! You can bring your caddy back in store as we offer all our teas loose (if available) with a 10% zero waste discount.

A high grown, pekoe grade Ceylon. With smaller, finer leaf particles and very aromatic leaves that have brighter olive tones and an even leaf. Golden, amber hues to the tea soup, giving light tropical fragrances and gentle floral and citrus notes. To taste, fresh & bright grassy notes giving way to a elegantly light and smooth balanced flavour with brisk astringency.

The tea bushes are centrally high grown at an elevation of 1750 - 2000m above sea level, on the Pedro estate. Which was first established in 1883 and comprising of 515.85 hectares made up by the Lover's Leap garden divisions & Mahagastotte Upper & Lower garden divisions. Harvested between February & March '19, the leaves are processed at the nearby Pedro factory, above Nuwara Eliya Town.

Tea leaves plucked from the Lover's Leap division of the estate, grow in a misty climate and undulating ground, also benefitting from the closely situated Lover's Leap Waterfall from which the division is named.

Lover's Leap : The name, Its a story of forbidden love, the tragic legend goes a young prince and a girl who were very much in love, but that love was forbidden by the king, and when soldiers came to part them, they embraced a last time and leaped off the Pidurutalagala mountain edge and met their end.

Brew Guide Per Cup:

Tea 1 teaspoon (3g)

Water 100*c // 300ml

Brew time 2-3 minutes

Reinfuse leaves to personal taste.