Ceylon ~ Idulgashinna Estate

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Ceylon Idulgashinna / / OP

Green tea

From Idulgashinna Garden, Haputale, Uva Province, Sri Lanka.


This tea is organically grown!

A high grown, high grade whole leaf Ceylon with deep greeness to the twisted leaf. Fine aromatic leaves with pale amber hues. sweet peach and grassy tones to the cup, deep, hearty aroma to the wet leaves. To taste, smooth, flavourful with a crisp freshness. Making for an interesting addition to our Green tea collection. As Sri Lanka is best known for producing Black teas. This is a recently emerging trend with areas like Assam, Ceylon and African regions producing orthodox Green and White teas. The Idulgashinna garden was infact the first to process Ceylon greens.

Uva Province in central southern Sri Lanka, approximately 8 miles west of Haputale is the garden and its tea factory, The gardens expanse is up to 1,800m in altitude, its also the first tea garden to be certified organic. The tea plants are only grown from seed giving a bright vibrancy to the leaf as opposed to that from cuttings. Following biodynamic principles and the cycles of the lunar calendar with emphasis on the garden as a whole, a holistic system.

Brew Guide Per Cup:

Tea 1 teaspoon (3g)

Water 80*c // 300ml

Brew time 2 minutes

Reinfuse leaves 2 / 3 to personal taste.