Chasen (Matcha Whisk)

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Chasen // Whisk ~ with or without (plastic) case

Classic Chasen or Whisk for preparation of Matcha.

Approximate measurements: 5cm width x 11cm height.

Made from a single piece of bamboo, split with prongs. Designed as such to efficiently create a fine, smooth and velvety small bubble froth, from whisking steadily with the wrist and feathering the tea in a 'w' motion, bringing the whisk up to peak the froth. The whisk is great for using to make Usucha (thin tea) or Koicha (thick tea). An essential tool as part of Chanoyu for creating your personal tea ceremony experience, Chakai, an informal tea gathering, or indeed, Chaji, formal tea gathering.

For Usucha (thin tea)

Tea - 2 Chashaku scoops

Water/Temp 50ml / 75*c

Whisk slowly until smooth in a 'w' motion

Add more water to taste.

For Koicha (thick tea)

Tea - 3-4 Chashaku scoops to taste

Water/Temp 25ml / 85*c

Whisk in a 'u' motion

Add 25ml more water and whisk in a circular motion.

Whisk Care:

Hand wash before first use in hot water, hand washing then after each use of the whisk, allowing to air dry fully to avoid moisture build up. Using the whisk carefully and centrally within the Chawan (Matcha Bowl).