Dong Ding, Icy Peak

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Dong Ding / / Tung Ting / / Jade Oolong

Oolong Tea

From Nantou County, Central Taiwan.


The leaves are partially oxidised, carefully processed and rolled into balls that comprises of 2 or 3 leaves, dry leaves are jade in colour with a sweet aroma. The wet leaves give sweet, honey notes and green toasty aromas. Pale yellow in colour slight greenish hue to the tea soup. A light, sweet taste with fruity notes, smooth with a fair amount of body to the mouthfeel.

This Oolong is named after 'Dong Ding' Mountain, where it was originally cultivated when tea was first brought over from Fujian, Mainland China. The name translates from the Chinese to English as; 'Frozen Summit' or 'Icy Peak'. Though Dong Ding being a relatively low altitude compared to other mountain areas. The quality of the tea can be attributed to rich soils and flavours achieved by skilful processing. Dong Ding tea and Oolong teas that have followed similar processing styles are now famous as the identity of Taiwanese tea.

Brew Guide Per Cup:

Tea 1 teaspoon (3g)

Water 85*c // 300ml

Time 2 - 3 minutes

Reinfuse leaves x 3 to personal taste

Oolong leaves can be infused several times, each infusion creating a range of depths and flavour.

Brew Guide - Gong Fu Style:

Tea 5-8g

Water per 100ml

At 90*c for the rinse & 1st infusion,

85*c for the following 3 infusions,

80*c when the leaves have fully opened up.

Time 20 seconds + recommended but adjust to personal taste.