Eightyº ~ The Culture of Tea

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eightyº // eighty degrees

Tea Magazine, 144 pages, quality uncoated paper.

Created in Portugal By Martin Boháčik.

Sharing the story of tea through beautifully curated articles of evocative words and rich stunning imagery, told with great knowledge and respect for the worldwide culture of tea.

Martin & his team of dedicated tea fanatics, writers & artists who bring you this great magazine say “We love tea, & We love print”, we couldn’t agree more. This really is an absolute joy to read and a perfect companion to your favourite brew. Totally informative, easy to read and so enjoyable.

Quite possibly the best magazine out there right now!

Issue 07 ~ July 2021

This issue includes The Story of White Tea, Bohemian Teahouses, Musings on Art and Tea and plenty more...

Issue 06 ~ March 2021

This issue includes Legendary Black Teas, Drinking the mountain with Japan’s Last Tea Hermit, The Ceremonial Woodcraft of Sven Mihai, The Art of Imperfection through Kintsugi, Tea of Turkey and plenty more…

Issue 05 ~ November 2020

This issue includes Jun Chiyabari ~ The Moon-lit Tea garden, The Pioneering Georgian Renegades & Georgian Tea, Meditations around a Tea cup, The Craft of Kaikado and plenty more…

Issue 04 ~ July 2020

This issue includes Tea adventures of a Burmese kind, Contemplative conversation on Japanese Tea, Travels on the Tea Horse Road, Talk of Terroir and plenty more…

Issue 03 ~ March 2020

This issue includes Tea adventures in Vietnam, Organic tea growing in Scotland, The search for Gushu and plenty more…