Formosa X Wuyi Oolong

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Formosa X Wuyi Oolong / / Taiwanese Wuyi Oolong / / Wuyi Cultivar

Oolong Tea

From San Ming, Ilan County, Northeastern Taiwan.


Large tightly rolled jade leaves with deeper green tones, giving a camphor aroma with floral sweetness. The tea soup is light green in colour, which has a smooth and sweet taste, with milky notes, leaving a great lasting peachiness.

This tea garden is located within San Ming (Sanxing) township of Ilan (Yilan) County in the Northeast corner of Taiwan. Grown at an elevation of 300m, this tea has been harvested in Winter’19 using a Taiwanese Wuyi cultivar. After picking the leaves they are processed following traditional methods with a light roast at 30% oxidisation level, producing a quality small batch tea.


The ‘Wuyi’ Cultivar grown in Taiwan is a descendent of tea trees brought to Taiwan from Fujian Province long ago. It shares similar traits and flavours to Wuyi Rock Teas like Rougui or Shuixian and others grown in Fujian. But being grown in Taiwan, the flavour profile has developed to reflect the unique terroir.

Brew Guide Per Cup:

Tea 1 teaspoon (3g)

Water 90*c // 300ml

Time 2 minutes

Reinfuse leaves up to 2-3 infusions.


Brew Guide Gong fu Style For Gaiwan:

Tea - 3-5g

Water - 95*c // 100ml

Brew time - 1st infusion 30sec, 2nd infusion 45 sec, 3rd infusion 60sec, Increasing by 5-10 secs thereafter.

Reinfuse leaves up to 4-5 infusions.