Georgia Black ~ Renegade Estate

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Georgia Black / / Renegade Estate / / OP 2019

Black Tea


From Renegade Tea Estate, Opurchkheti, Imereti. & Mandikori Estate, Mandikori, West Georgia.

This tea is organically grown!

Large broadly curled and twisted dark brown leaves with an even distribution of golden flecks of young bud. Theres an impressively large size to the swollen wet leaves, producing a big natural sweet fruity banana aroma. The tea soup is of a darker orange to red bronze colour. To taste, a deep strong fruity body with a brisk astringency and individual flavours reflecting the unique nature of its terrior giving sweet banana and malty tones, also present are pleasant musky hints, not dissimilar to some Darjeelings.

Harvested by hand in May '19, of a select two leaves and a bud picking standard of mixed cultivar from seed grown Chinese, Assamica and Cambodian varieties of tea bush ranging between 60-70 years old. Carefully processed by Tea Master Tomas Kaziliunas & the Renegade farmers collective, in their small experimental tea factory. This being the 5th small batch of Georgia Black of 2019 harvest producing just 4.7kg of finished tea.

The Renegade Tea Estate is maintained by the Renegade farmers collective, a small group of enthusiastic Europeans intent on reviving and reinventing Georgian orthodox leaf tea. The estates, Renegade, the groups first site, on peaceful ground between mountains. Set up in Feb '18 after clearing the plantation, it was first harvested in July '18 from the fresh young shoots. Mandikori, their second site, is a mix of terrains from steeper hilly land to flat and rolling areas, producing variety through the tea bushes on the plantation. It also has areas of wild uncultivated tea bushes and areas wild fired to be cleared for future experimental test sites. The first harvest from this site was Spring '19. Both Tea plantations are 17.5 hectares, the tea growing elevation is between 400-500m.

Tea production in Georgia was evident in the early 1900s mainly in the countries subtropical western regions, by the 1920s Georgia supplied the Soviet Union, on its collapse, so did Georgia's tea industry. And yet significant efforts has been made by several parties including Chinese and European projects to re-estabilish Georgian Tea. Many tea bushes that have been searched out are from old abandoned plantation sites. And its these old plantations and new sites alike, small projects and local growers are successfully reinventing. The Georgian Tea Industry is only on the up!

Brew Guide Per Cup:

Tea 1 teaspoon (3g)

Water 100*c // 300ml

Brew time 2-3 minutes

Reinfuse leaves to personal taste.