Golden Sun

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Golden Sun / / Jin Tai Yang

Yellow Tea

From Dongting Lake Area, Hunan Province, China.


This is a rare, second flush high grade whole leaf yellow tea.

One of our personal favourites! It boasts beautiful brown greyish leaves, long needle like golden tips and a light honey, pale colour to the cup. Sweet and mellow in flavour, sharing similar flavour profiles to lighter green teas or aged white tea with a refreshing aftertaste, clean on the palate.

Yellow teas are processed much like green teas but with a special processing step, after roasting the tea is wrapped in cloth or paper (traditionally cowskin paper) aiding in yellowing the leaves slightly during drying and this also creates a smooth, slower, light oxidisation, being repeated until the unique aroma is achieved. Yellow teas retain high levels of antioxidants and a caffeine level similar to green tea.

Brew Guide Per Cup:

Tea 1 teaspoon (3g)

Water 80*c // 300ml

Brew time 2-3 minutes

Reinfuse leaves 2 / 3 times to taste.