Gongfu to Go ~ 160ml

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'Gong Fu To Go' ~ Travel Set.

Approximate measurements: Gaiwan: 11cm width x 8cm height. 160ml. Cups: 9cm width x 3.5cm height. 95ml.

This is an excellent compact travel set for two people! Comprising of a 'easy' gaiwan and two tea cups. Designed as so that the cups rest under and on top of the gaiwan creating a neat stack. Ideal for transporting easily on your outings to the beach or the moor. Its a quick and easy way to brew up tea on the go!

Available in a variety of glazes. Currently light white ruyao, dark greyish black & a speckled blue green ruyao.

The Ruyao glazes have a fine crackle within the glaze that will become more prominent with use. The dark greyish black glaze gaiwan is unglazed on the interior creating a great contrast of colour and over time enhance future brews.

If unfamiliar with a gaiwan, they simply act as a vessel or pot in which to brew fine whole leaves, so called 'easy' due to the addition of tabs on the sides and lid in which to rest your fingers when pouring. Traditional gaiwans are simply a lidded bowl form, a beautiful way in which to brew tea.