Grandpa's Shou Puerh 2019

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Grandpa’s / / By White 2 Tea / / Shou Puerh / / 2019

Blended Shou Puerh

From Yunnan Province, China.

1 x 7g Puerh Ball or 10 x 7g Puerh Balls

If new to Shou Puerh you can expect dark flavour profiles that conjure up images of subterranean atmospherics and fresh forest ferns.

These ‘Grandpa’s’ are really neat, portable, loosely hand pressed puerh balls, ideal for your tea travels, woodland walks or effortless easy going brews, weighing in at 7 grams each, they’re easy and convenient to brew. White 2 Tea has purposely developed this tea to be enjoyed in this way, “simply tossed and brewed ‘Grandpa’ style straight in a cup with very little attention.” We couldn’t agree more with this approach however, we equally enjoyed brewing up in our little Gaiwan, watching the leaves unfurl, enjoying several rounds of delicious tea. This is a very enjoyable and approachable tea for all tea drinkers, no matter your experience with Shou style Puerh.

The leaves are large and a blend of dark blackened warming tones. Offering subtlety smooth and sweet aromatics. There is a creamy texture to the tea soup that’s like a dark rosewood colour with an upfront taste, good and thick, touches of pleasant bitterness, roasty notes and smooth sweetness that builds to a long flavourful mouthfeel. A great example of classic Shou character.

Harvested, processed and hand pressed into a 7g ball in Spring’19. More information on White2Tea coming soon.

Brew Guide ~ Grandpa Style:

Tea 1x 7g Puerh Ball

Water 90*c // 300ml

A quick boiling rinse of leaves, pour away,

Re-infuse leaves and enjoy, top up with more hot water to adjust strength or Re-infuse.

Brew Guide ~ Gong Fu Style for Gaiwan:

Tea 1x 7g Tea Ball

Water/Temp 100ml / 90*c

Brew time 1st a quick boiling rinse of leaves, pour away, 10 -15 seconds for infusions thereafter, increasing brew time for later infusions.

Re-infuse leaves to taste 4 - 6 times