Gyokuro Tokiwa

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Gyokuro Tokiwa / /

Green Tea

From Kagoshima Prefecture, Kyushu Island, Japan.


This tea is organically grown!

A high grade Gyokuro, 'Tokiwa' an old Japanese word for evergreen. These are very fine, deep green leaves carefully and skilfully processed by hand. Giving a bright, jade infusion that is highly aromatic with fruity notes, fruity notes that also build up in the flavour. It has a sweet grassy freshness while also holding deep umani flavours typical of Gyokuro with notes of spinach or even seaweed.

Harvested in May, Gyokuro is a shade grown tea, commonly shaded for at least 20 days, developing the deep green colour of the leaf. Due to this method, the levels of the amino acid theanine and levels of caffeine are increased, the shading inpart creating a sweet flavour. Similar methods are used to cultivate Tencha. Then leaves are steamed and finely rolled.

Grown at the southern tip of the South Island, this prefecture has a great subtropical climate producing 20% of Japan’s green tea!

Brew Guide Per Cup:

Preheat the brewing vessel & cups.

Tea 1/2 a teaspoon (1.5-2g)

Water 60 - 70*c // 300ml

Brew time 1-2 minutes

Reinfuse leaves 2 / 3 times to personal taste.

Increasing water temperature with each infusion.

*Can be brewed as a cold infusion for a refreshing sweet flavour.