Teapot by Karina Klages

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Teapot // by Karina Klages

Hand Thrown in Germany

Approx measurements: 7.5 height x 10cm width x 15cm length (handle to spout), 190ml (to middle hole of filter) 260ml (to brim), 5 hole filter.

A stunning stoneware teapot, masterfully crafted with great skill and consideration, radiating an elegance through its form and simplicity. Beautifully tactile to hold, together with perfect proportions, even weight and balance with a solid controlled pouring arch. The outer surface is mainly left unglazed to show the natural beauty of the yellowish sand tone clay which has granular quality to it with a rugged texture, burnt orangey edging and visible finer particulates within the clay. A smooth white ash glaze has been applied with energetic spontaneity creating a playful contrast in tone and texture. The interior surface has been left unglazed. The body of the teapot is a superb bowl shape with a short curved handle and a spout that stands level and extends to a fine opening, creating an excellent pouring action. This teapot would be good for Gongfu style preparation, brewing the tea leaves through multiple infusions.

Karina is based in Lower Saxony. Her works are based on the symbiosis of perfection and imperfection of nature, inspired by classic Japanese teaware forms, created with the aesthetics and spirit of wabi sabi flowing through them, celebrating the balance, depth and understated beauty that these ideals encapsulate. Her process is one of total creative absorption and connection to the medium, experiencing and embracing the creative process with the spontaneous energy and freedom of form that reveals itself, ever searching for beauty, aesthetic satisfaction and functionality.

Each vessel is handmade and totally unique, therefore minor variations may occur.

All vessels are dishwasher safe, however we highly recommend hand washing your teawares.