Cherry Tea Scoop by Rosie Brewer

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Cherry Cha He / / Presentation Scoop / / By Rosie Brewer

Carved by hand in Devon from Cherry Wood.

Approximate measurements: 4cm width x 8cm length. 19cm total length.

We specially comissioned these as part of a range of tea tools made by Rosie.

This Cha He is beautifully tactile to hold and a perfect size for around 4-8g of large leaf tea.

To be used for presenting the dry tea leaf before drinking commences. This allows the tea leaves to be viewed and appreciated by guests, giving opportunity to inspect the shape, colour and quality of the leaves.

Rosie is a Devon based designer-maker specialising in unique wooden kitchenware. The pieces she creates are thoughtfully considered, minimalistic and sleek, taming the wildwood for modern lives.

Tea Scoop Care Guide:

Wash gently with warm water and detergent.

Avoid leaving to stand in a puddle.

When dry, rub in a small amount of olive oil to prevent wood drying out.