Hazel Spoon by Takahashi McGil

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Hazel Spoon // by Takahashi McGil

Handmade in Devon

Approx measurements: 17cm length

A beautifully crafted and visually striking hand chiselled spoon, lightweight and perfectly balanced in weight and proportion. The satisfying textures creates a connection back to the crafting, feeling the contours of the chisel on the bowl and along the slender shape of the handle. The bowl of the spoon is reminiscent of an acorn cupule and indeed the phase “An acorn may be small but holds a world inside”. We would recommend for use as a chashuku for measuring the perfect amount of fine Matcha powder. A small but perfectly formed piece that encourages slow and considered use and movement.

The Hazel Spoon has a slightly thicker handle than the Cherry with a gently meandering curve, sitting comfortably in the hand. The natural woodgrain giving calming and simple pale, creamy tones.

Takahashi McGil are a collaborative duo, working with a variety of local and sustainable hardwoods from their boutique size studio in Cockington, Devon, they create functional homewares of a highly refined quality and upmost artistic beauty, their attention to detail and consideration is most evident, skilfully crafting each sculptural form with precision to embrace the woods unique growth pattern and natural grain. Specialising in Urushi laquering, they work together on each piece, bringing together both traditional Japanese and Western techniques.

Care: Handwash your spoon with a soft cloth in warm water and dry with a soft cloth.