Jade Dew, Enshi Yu Lu

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Jade Dew // Jade Dew Gyokuro // En Shi Yu Lu

Green tea

From Wufeng Mountains, Enshi City Prefecture, Western Hubei Province, China

50g Caddy


Zero Waste Refill (in store collection only at present)

This tea is organically grown!

This rare specialty of Hubei Province boasting smooth, long and slender needle like leaves of a deliciously deep, blueish jade colour that have a glossy shine and white tips. With fine, high aromas, vegetal and fresh. A tea soup of clear pale greens with fresh sweet fragrances and subtle umami. Giving a smooth taste full of bold vegetal character together with mellowing sweetness that is pure and refreshing.

Harvested in early spring ’21, picking one bud and one or two leaves, in the Wufeng Mountains in the eastern area of Enshi City. Tea trees grown using the En Tai Zao cultivar, this tea is a speciality of Enshi, being steamed during traditional processing similar to that of Japanese Gyokuro rather than being pan heated as many Chinese green teas. The steaming process for this type in China dating from the Tang Dynasty. The tender leaves are steamed, cooled and dried, carefully rolled forming the unique needle like shape, dried and rolled a second time, finishing the shaping and then a final dry, revealing the white tips and deep jade tones.

Brew Guide Per Cup:

Tea 1 teaspoon (3g)

Water 80ºc

Brew time 1-2 minutes

Reinfuse leaves 2 / 3 times to personal taste