Matcha Bowl ~ White

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Chawan // Matcha Bowl

Approximate measurements: 10cm width x 6cm height. 150ml.

Ideal for one person or a small amount to share, a great introductory white glazed stoneware Chawan with a grey glaze around the lip and deep foot on the base. Holding nicely in the hand.

For Usucha (thin tea)

Tea - 2 Chashaku scoops

Water/Temp 50ml / 75*c

Whisk slowly until smooth in a 'w' motion

Add more water to taste.

For Koicha (thick tea)

Tea - 3-4 Chashaku scoops to taste

Water/Temp 25ml / 85*c

Whisk in a 'u' motion

Add 25ml more water and whisk in a circular motion.

Using the whisk carefully and centrally within the Chawan.