Black Porcelain Teabowl By Anja Graefe

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Black Porcelain Teabowl / / By Anja Graefe

Hand Thrown in Devon

Approximate measurements: 8.5cm height x 11.5cm diameter. 250ml.

Black Porcelain tea cup, thats super striking and has to be an instant favourite for us. Its stand out black porcelain form is so bold and beautiful. A smooth, matt greyish unglazed appearance on the exterior is balanced with a transparent shining glaze within, making for an excellent texture when holding. And the overall form of the piece is perfectly proportioned and very pleasing. A great size for a good cupful in one or two rounds or even suitable for Matcha.

Anja is an East Devon based Ceramicist working with clay since 2012 and going under the moniker of Streetdog Pottery producing a variety of porcelain and stoneware. Anja’s work leans into the organic creative process celebrating the energy and movement within these simplistic forms.