Oolong Tea Tasting Selection

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Oolong Tea Tasting Selection

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Showcasing three different teas from our 2020/21 collection, a one-off and unique curated selection of fine whole leaf teas. Great as a gift for any tea lover, beginner, the curious or budding connoisseur, an ideal companion for any tea journey. You will receive between 10-25 grams of each tea (depending on leaf size) to compare and contrast. All contained in a beautifully constructed, hand packed and embellished presentation box.

Oolong Tea Tasting Selection includes:

Big Red Robe, Wuyi Rock Tea,

Georgia Oolong ~ Renegade Estate, Georgian Oolong,

Milk Oolong, Chinese grown Jin Xuan Oolong,

This is a great opportunity to sample and taste these fine and rare teas side by side, exploring the vast varieties of tea types, flavour profiles and differences of provenance and terroir.