Qiu Shui Yixing Teapot by Masters Gao & Xu's Studio

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Qiu Shui Yixing Teapot // By Masters Gao & Xu's Studio

Half Hand Made in Dingshu Town, Yixing City, Jiangsu Province, China

Approximate measurements: 8cm x 6cm x 7cm 110ml. 7 hole filter spout.

Exquisite and delicate in form with highly experienced skilled craftsmanship and quality original material comes this half handmade teapot. Made from Duanni clay, greenish yellow in tone with finer particulates and a lustrous surface. This is one of our favourite clays for Yixing in favour of its shining yet humble beauty. This feeling is echoed from its name, Qiu Shui - 如夏花之灿烂夺目,若秋水般清澈动人 ~ “As brilliant as a summer flower, As clear as autumn water”. Evoking a sense of timeless beauty, and indeed this a teapot style of traditional and classic form dating from the Qing Dynasty. Great attention has been made to show the finer subtleties of this teapot, the high profile form, proud ball shaped button atop the traditional shaped jar lid, fountain-esque spout, sculptural curved handle. Together with perfect proportions, even weight and balance with a perfect pouring arch and great control.

Duanni clay has a greater porosity and absorption than most Yixing clays and retains heat for longer. It is intended to, in time, absorb the flavours and aromas from the oils of the tea to further enhance your tea drinking experience. Likewise, in time the outer surface may take on a desirable patina and a subtle shine. For this reason it is often thought to be good practice to brew one type of tea in Yixing teapot. With its higher heat retention in mind, teas we would recommend for this pot, brewed in a gong fu style matter would be either Black Teas, Aged White Teas. Duanni can also soften stronger traits in tea such as smokiness in some Shou Puerhs.

Master Gao & Master Xu's Studio was founded in 2000, with a combined experience of more 70 years experience of refining, preparing the clay and skilfully crafting these teapots. Their practice exclusively uses the original Yixing purple clay from Huanglong Mountain and continue to refine and prepare the clay ore material through natural time honoured methods.

‘Half Handmade’ refers to having hand prepared clay slabs, the potter then uses a manual gypsum cast to shape the teapot body, once this is done all other elements, the lid, spout and handle and any decorations are skilfully created and finished by hand.

All our Yixing teapots come boxed with certificates issued by each artist.