Tea Reservoir ~ Bamboo, Small

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Bamboo Tea Reservoir / / Tea Serving Tray

An ideal size for service of 2-4 people using gongfu teaware.

Dimensions: 12cm width x 22cm length x 4cm height.

The Tea Reservoir is a modern alternative to the traditional tea table arrangement. Instead of an individual water jar, water is disposed of underneath. As well as elevating the teaware as to be fully admired and appreciated, The Reservoir is intended to be used as part of your Gongfu style brewing and used within the Chinese Gongfu Tea Ceremony. The purpose of the Reservoir is to capture excess water after you have warmed the teaware in preparation of brewing tea. Once warmed, pour the excess water away through the slatted bamboo top of the tray. It is also common when brewing in this style, to rinse the tea leaves quickly before brewing. This allows the leaves to awaken and open up slightly. The first infusion is not consumed for teas such as Puerh or Dark teas, one the leaves are rinsed the water is then poured away into the reservoir. When the tea session has drawn to a close, you can easily empty the excess water from the main part of the tray with the removable top and clean, allowing the bamboo to throughly air dry before reusing.

*Any teaware shown in the image must be purchased separately.