The Book of Tea By Kakuzo Okakura

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The Book of Tea / / By Kakuzo Okakura

Introduction By Christopher E.G. Benfey

Penguin Classics.

112 pages, paperback.

Approximate measurements: 20cm x 13cm x 1cm

Absolute essential reading comes in the form of this book. A true classic!


For a generation adjusting painfully to the demands of a modern industrial and commercial society, Asia came to represent an alternative vision of the good life: aesthetically austere, socially aristocratic, and imbued with spirituality. The Book of Tea was originally written in English and sought to address the inchoate yearnings of disaffected Westerners. In a flash of inspiration, Okakura saw that the formal tea party as practiced in New England was a distant cousin of the Japanese tea ceremony, and that East and West had thus "met in the tea-cup."