Tyger, Tyger ~ Masala Chai Blend

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Tyger Tyger Chai / / Second Flush GFOP

Masala Chai Black Tea Blend

50g Caddy, 300g Caddy


Zero Waste Refill (in store collection only, please contact us to access this option)

This tea is organically grown!

A year in the making! We present to you, Our very own Masala Chai Blend, Tyger Tyger !

A fine whole large leaf Bangladeshi black tea giving a natural spicy warmth blended with a myriad of colourful aromatic organic spices. Being careful to balance out the flavour profiles to give a decent body and aroma, sweetness, warmth and spice, with a long lasting fullness of flavour. Making for an absolute classic chai!

Brew Guide for Masala Chai: (Makes 1x100ml)

Tea 1 teaspoon (3g) + 200ml of Milk or Milk alternative* & 1 teaspoon of Sugar

Put all in a Saucepan, Bring to the Boil & Simmer for 30 minutes.

*We recommend using an Oat milk when making the Masala Chai, we found it provides a delicious creamy quality to the drink that really enhances the tea.

Brew Guide Drinking as a Black Tea:

Tea 1 teaspoon (3g)

Water 100*c // 300ml

Brew time 3 minutes

Reinfuse leaves to personal taste

*Suitable drinking with or without milk.