Waffles, Shou Puerh 2018

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Waffles / / By White 2 Tea / / Shou Puerh / / 2018

Blended Shou Puerh

From Yunnan Province, China.

50g Sample or 200g Cake

If new to Shou Puerh you can expect dark flavour profiles that conjure up images of subterranean atmospherics and fresh forest ferns.

‘Waffles’ tastes as good as it looks! you will find this tea to be a perfectly balanced blend with sweet warming vibes. Super easy drinking and suitable for any brewing style. This is a very approachable and enjoyable tea for all tea drinkers, no matter your experience with Shou style Puerh. A downright fun and playful pressing in a unique waffle pattern with a tight compression making it compact, convenient to brew and overall totally awesome! The tight leaves are large and look delicious, with a blend of chocolate tones and golden flecks throughout. Creating light earthy and fresh hay aromas and a good sweetness. The tea has benefitted from a good storage giving a decent viscosity to the tea soup that’s burnt umber in colour and has peachy, rosy hints. With a beautiful rounded, soft tone and smooth sweetness also enjoying a lasting flavours.

This tea is good for enjoying now or suitable for aging. Actually, just enjoy this tea now, drink it with your breakfast waffles, the addition of maple syrup is optional.

Harvested, processed and pressed in Spring’18. More information on White2Tea coming soon.

Brew Guide Per Cup:

Tea 1 teaspoon (3-4g)

Water 90*c // 300ml

Time 2 minutes

Re-infuse leaves to your personal taste

Brew Guide ~ Gong Fu Style:

Tea 3 teaspoons (8g of tea)

Water/Temp 100ml / 85*c

Brew time 1st a quick rinse of leaves, pour away, 15-20 seconds + for infusions thereafter

Re-infuse leaves to taste 4 - 6 times

If purchasing a tea cake, Preparation:

No need to use a tea needle to break this tea, the Waffle style pressing makes it easy to break, then either separate into loose leaves and you're ready to brew, or place a piece in your pot and brew until the leaves loosen and open up.