An Introduction to Tea ~ Workshop / / 09.04.20 POSTPONED

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Workshop #1 / / An Introduction to Tea / / Thursday 9th April

Tea Tasting Session

Location: Sacred Grounds, McCoys Arcade, Fore Street, Exeter.

Thursday 9th April ~ 6.30pm (approximately 1.5-2hr)

Hosted By Jane L. Ostins & James Penzer.

Join us for an informal and relaxing tea tasting evening session. You will sample a specially curated selection of our rarer, small batch single origin whole leaf teas.

Tasting six different tea types, that best showcase the variety in tea and the diversity of flavours from the tea plant that can be discovered through the processing methods and terrior.

Hosted by Jane & James, owners of The House Of Hope & Mercy In The Jungle tea shop. Bringing with them their enthusiasm and knowledge in tea, providing brewing and tasting tips to further your appreciation of tea, in this our first workshop, An Introduction to Tea.

To be Held at Sacred Grounds Cafe, McCoys Arcade.

Spaces Limited to 8 so book early. £28 per person.