Yellow Buds, Huo Shan Huang Ya

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Yellow Buds / / Huang Ya / / 2020

Yellow Tea

From Dahuaping of Huo Shan, Anhui Province, China.


Beautifully refined, slender and delicate buds and young leaves, pale olive, yellowish and a silver downiness in colour with a super fresh, bright and sweet green aroma that’s so satisfying! The buds revealing a deep verdant green tone after brewing. The tea soup is a bright, light green offering a quality floral fragrance, the flavours are fresh and clean, a taste that’s pure and revitalising. The body of the tea is soft and creamy with a smooth, rich mouthfeel, enjoying a very fine lasting flavour.

A truly rare tea of high quality and limited production with a short harvest period. One new bud and one or two young freshly opened leaves as picking standard, harvested on the slopes of Huo Shan after Qing Ming (Spring Festival) in Spring’20 from tea bushes grown at around 700m elevation using the local Huoshan Jin Ji Zhong or Golden Cock tea cultivar.

Highly skilled processing following traditional techniques, initially similar to that of Green Tea processing however there is a longer frying ‘kill green’ stage for the Huo Shan Yellow Buds and an initial baking at 110-120ºc for just several minutes reducing the leaves water content to around 30%. Continuing to a unique piling stage lasting for a day where the leaves change from green to yellowish, the polyphenols within the tea go through a transformation, lowered levels of astringency, development of clean, mellow flavours and deeper ‘yellow’ characters are achieved. This is considered a light piling stage compared to other Yellow Teas as it starts with lower water content having been baked once before this stage unlike other tea of this type. Finally, a second bake at around 90ºc over an even heat reducing water content to 5% and the leaves are sorted for the finished tea.

Produced in the Dabieshan area of Huoshan County. The Huo Shan territory is majoritively located in the Dabieshan area and benefits from a northern sub tropical zone with a humid monsoon climate providing a vast amount of mist and cloud with little to no weather extremities ideal conditions for tea growth.

This teas production has a long history from the Tang Dynasty and enjoyed Imperial status, however the production had become somewhat halted and lost in the early 20th Century, Through a great deal of research and investigation in 1973 it was revived by a group of tea experts and farmers and regained production and popularity in the Huo Shan County, since it has been placed on China’s cultural heritage list. Huo Shan Huang Ya is one of the three prized Yellow Teas of China alongside Meng Ding Huang Ya and Jun Shan Yin Zhen.

Brew Guide Per Cup:

Tea 1 teaspoon (3-4g)

Water 80*c / 300ml

Brew time 1-2 minutes

Re-infuse leaves 2 - 3 times to personal taste.

Brew Guide ~ Gong Fu Style:

Tea 3 teaspoons (8g of tea)

Water/Temp 100ml / 80*c

Brew time 1st a quick hot rinse of leaves, pour away, 15-30 seconds for infusions thereafter

Re-infuse leaves to personal taste, like 4 - 6 times.