Yin & Yang Tea Tasting Selections

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The House of Hope & Mercy in the Jungle presents…

Our *Limited Edition* Tea Tasting Selections.

Showcasing twelve different teas in each box from our 2019 collection, a one-off and unique curated selection of fine whole leaf teas. Great as a gift for any tea lover, beginner, the curious or budding connoisseur, ideal companion for any tea journey. Beautifully constructed, hand packed and embellished presentation box. You will receive 10 grams of each tea to compare and contrast.

We have created two tasting selections:

Available as either:

Yin ~ Light & Refreshing Tea Tasting Selection or

Yang ~ Dark & Warming Tea Tasting Selection.


Yin is our tribute to the teas that are lighter and more refreshing. So if you like soft, delicate, fresh and bright teas, you can experience and explore teas to compliment your palate within this lighter spectrum.

Alternatively, Yang is our homage to the teas that are darker and more warming. So if you like bold, roasty, rich and dark teas, you can experience and explore teas to compliment your palate within this darker spectrum.

This is a great opportunity to sample and taste these fine and rare teas side by side, exploring the vast varieties of tea types, flavour profiles and differences of provenance and terroir.


Yin / / Light & Refreshing Tea Tasting Selection includes:

White Peony, Chinese White Tea,

Jasmine Dragon Pearls, Chinese White Tea,

Longevity Eyebrow 2011, Chinese White Tea,

Summer Sencha, Japanese Green Tea,

Gunpowder, Chinese Green Tea,

Genmaicha, Japanese Green Tea,

Icy Peak, Taiwanese Oolong Tea,

Milk Oolong, Chinese Oolong Tea, *Contains min 1.5% milk*,

Golden Eyebrow, Chinese Black Tea,

Darjeeling 1st Flush ~ Mandal Gaon, Indian Black Tea,

Devon Duchess, Sweet Orange + Black Tea Blend,

Gushu Yiwu 2018, Sheng/Raw Puerh.


Yang / / Dark & Warming Tea Tasting Selection includes:

Hojicha, Roasted Japanese Green Tea,

Water Sprite, Chinese Wuyi Rock Tea,

Duck Sh*t Oolong, Chinese Dan Cong Oolong Tea,

Jungle Brew, English Breakfast Blend,

Wakoucha, Japanese Black Tea,

Ceylon Uva ~ Idulgashinna Estate, Sri Lankan Black Tea,

Assam ~ Latunomi Garden, Indian Black Tea,

Rwanda ~ Rukeri Estate, African Black Tea,

Tyger, Tyger, Masala Chai Blend,

Tong Mu Lapsang, Chinese Black Tea,

Four Gold Coins 2005, Liu Bao Dark Tea,

Big Snow Mountain 2006, Sheng/Raw Puerh.